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Where We Started


Global Warman has lead the way in marrying creative and technical pursuits to create an empire. 

Founder, Sarah Warman first developed her skills creating a fortune 500 company with a small team known as New Home Star. They now revenue $1.5Billion in Sales Annually.  

We went on to consult the City of Chicago and develop interactive programs to encourage the public to spend more time in the downtown area after work.

This was wildly successful resulting in thousands upon thousands of workers choosing to spend their evenings in the Loop before heading home. 

This lead to many years directing public art in Grant Park, Chicago. 

Where We Are



Global Warman Expanded internationally and began aiding Europe with their cannabis legalization journey. Our Cannavas Creative division was opened to bring safe and clean designs to promote wellness in the cannabis space. 


From there, we stepped deep into the world of technology. We have developed  leading edge mapping technology used by the largest tech giants in history.


With the father of the internet and cloud computing by our side, we opened a Hosting Platform for Enterprises. We meet the specific needs of a quickly growing business, needing to keep up with an every changing world of media and technology. 


Today we are developing apps, branding and software for the leaders of the world. Will you join us?